Buy Alcohol without Breaking the Law

Since most people believe parties are more fun when there is enough alcohol to go around, several drink delivery companies now provide fast delivery straight to your home. Make sure the party never stops when you have your drinks delivered even late at night within 15 to 40 minutes. You can also purchase soft drinks and cigarettes.

glass of wine

Challenge 25

Nonetheless, restrictions apply on alcohol delivery. In the past decade, the public has become more aware that fact that underage alcohol purchasing is a crime and that it carries penalties. Hence, you must be at least 18 years old to purchase alcohol; otherwise, you risk being fined £1000 in England.

If the driver making the delivery believes the person placing an order is actually purchasing alcohol for a minor, he has the right to refuse delivery, especially since he too could face a heavy fine.

Delivery companies operating the Challenge 25 policy regard as unacceptable the attempt of an adult to buy alcohol for someone underage. This is known as proxy purchasing, and you could receive an unlimited fine if you are caught.

More specifically, if you are over 18 but look under 25, then you must show the driver proof of age, otherwise you will be refused delivery. An acceptable proof of age is a photographic driving license, a passport, or a PASS hologram card.

Aside from following these regulations that help both you and the delivery driver not to break the law, you should also refrain from drinking alcohol outside in cold weather to avoid hypothermia.


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