Best Indian Breakfast Dishes

There are a lot of dishes coming from India that people adore with all their taste buds. Among all of them, Indian breakfast dishes have a special place among citizens of Clapham. These dishes are light, healthy and very tasty apart from being a lot cheaper than their English counterparts. A lot of Indian takeaway in Clapham have them on their menus due to their popularity.

The following are some of the best breakfast dishes from India.

1)Uttapam – Whisk together some rice and black gram to form a dense batter and you will have all you require for Uttapam. Uttapam is a healthy dish and is light on the stomach as well. The batter is laid out on a pan in a circular form and it cooks itself like the chapatti bread. Once done, it is topped with onions and coriander along with some seasoning and curry leaves.

2)Poha – Poha is a perfect morning food as it is light and tasty. It contains all the necessary nutrients that one must need when they wake up. It is loaded with the goodness of rice and veggies and it has a variety of subtle flavors to enhance your taste buds. A cup of coffee or tea with poha will give you a perfect start in the morning.

3)Oats Idli – This is a great dish coming from south Indian states, it is perfect for opening up your day with a healthy start. The idlis are made from oats that will give you the necessary fibers and carbohydrates while being light on your stomach. They are paired up with ‘sambhar’ and ‘chutney’ for a better experience.